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Little Falls, NY

Little Falls, NY is the site of the opening scene of the deserted town. I visited Little Falls about 2 months after the movie was released in Spring 2018. I have family from Upstate NY so it was easy for me to visit all the locations for A Quiet Place. Little Falls was such a wonderful, beautiful town and the locals couldn't have been more willing to tell me stories about when John Krasinski and Emily Blunt were in town to film.  One woman at the local mom and pop coffee house told me that John Krasinski would come in to get coffee every morning and he was just the nicest person you could imagine.

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Bridge

The Wallkill Valley Bridge is a foot bridge in New Paltz, NY. This was the first location I visited from A Quiet Place a couple months after the movie was released. It's a beautiful bridge in a cute little town but I have one major word of caution if you visit: Be careful of people shooting guns! I walked across the bridge, toward the forest (walking in the opposite direction the family walks in the movie). Once I got to the other side, I only had about 60 seconds before I started hearing multiple gunshots not to far off in the distance. It was at that moment I noticed the signs that said to beware of shooting a the gun range! Suffice to say, I hightailed it out of there. I didn't feel like dying in the same spot the little boy died at the beginning of A Quiet Place!

Pawling NY Farmhouse

The main farmhouse from A Quiet Place is located at 623 W Dover Rd in Pawling, NY. It's definitely far out of the way from any major town.  The farmhouse is on a winding country road where people in their pickup trucks absolutely fly down the road. I pulled over for just a couple minutes and I didn't really walk onto the property because of all the No Trespassing signs. The main house is on one side of the road and the barn in directly across on the other side. If you decide to visit, please be respectful of the owners of this property (Whom I did not see).

Father and Son Fishing

The scene of John Krasinski and his son fishing and having a heart to heart non-verbal conversation was filmed on the banks of a river in Wingdale, NY, about a mile from the Connecticut state line.