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Steven Hiller's House

In the 1996 Blockbuster, "Independence Day," Will Smith plays Captain Steven Hiller. In the movie, Hiller lives with his girlfriend (played by Vivica A. Fox). This house is located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Westchester. I visited this house when I was living in LA in 2012. The house itself still looks the same but the view of the alien ship over Downtown LA was clearly filmed somewhere else.  The picture I took is the view of what Will Smith would have been looking at.

Street to "DC"

The street that David Levinson and his father, Julius, drive on to get from NYC to DC is actually VERY far from the East Coast. It's actually in Los Angeles! In fact, if you drive south on Pershing Drive, right next to LAX, you can look to the right and you'll be staring right at the Pacific Ocean. How's that for movie magic?

Various Places in LA

These are random shots I've taken over the years of places in Los Angeles that were seen in Independence Day. Locations include the Hollywood Sign, Downtown LA and views of the city from Griffith Observatory and Silver Lake.

Wendover Air Force Base

Wendover Air Force Base is a historic Airfield in Wendover, Utah. Wendover is located just miles from the Nevada border and is most famous for having been the training location for the men who eventually dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. It's a beautiful, desolate region of the country. This is also where you can find the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, also seen in Independence Day. My dad and I took a wonderful tour of Wendover after visiting the Salt Flats. It was also on this same day trip to western Utah that I stopped at the gas station from the 2001 Paul Walker Thriller, "Joy Ride."