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"A Million Ways to Die in the West" was filmed largely in Monument Valley in the American Southwest. I visited Monument Valley in July 2019. There is a large loop you can drive around with numerous stops where you can pull over. That's how I got a lot of my shots. However, I was dying to get the shots of Seth MacFarlane and Charlize Theron doing shooting practice. It was very difficult to even get my bearings straight to figure out where I needed to be standing. I eventually figured it out by looking at screenshots, satellite images, maps of the region, etc. My dad and I pulled over at the pull-off for Artist's Point where a native Navajo man and his mother who didn't speak any English were selling Navajo jewelry and other genuine Navajo items. We struck up a conversation with the Navajo man, who called himself Preston Charley. Somehow I ended up mentioning the area I was looking for, which was the exact angle of Cly Butte, and Preston knew exactly what I was talking about. He offered to get in our car with us and show us places you normally wouldn't see, including the spot I was looking for from the movie.  Preston told us the history of the Navajo people in Monument Valley, specifically his own family history.  He told us his own family history in Monument Valley dates back 9 generations! We learned so much about the culture and the history of this storied land and it's people.  

Monument Valley

Three Sisters

Cly Butte

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The Hand

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John Ford Point