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I know Mr. Deeds isn’t considered one of Adam Sandler’s “greatest hits” but I still really enjoy it and it’s a classic compared to the last several years of Sandler movies, am I right? Anyway, remember when he tells the helicopter pilot to make a quick stop for food and they land in a Wendy’s parking lot? Well I found it and after 17 years it’s STILL a Wendy’s! If you want to eat at the same Wendy’s Longfellow Deeds ate at (like I did!), you can find it at 1894 Route 6 in beautiful Carmel, New York. 

1894 Route 6, Carmel, NY

Mr Deeds Wendys 1.jpg
Mr Deeds Helicopter Collage.jpg
Mr Deeds Wendys Selfie.jpg
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