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Various Dramatic Films

visited Monument Valley in Summer 2019. These particular shots were the best ones I could do for Stanley Kubrick's 1969 "2001: A Space Odyssey."

2001 A Space Odyssey 1.jpg
2001 A Space Odyssey 2.jpg

In December 2019, I flew to Los Angeles to have Christmas with my family. While I was there I walked along the Venice Beach boardwalk which is where I found the basketball courts used in "American History X," the hard-to-watch 1999 drama starring Edward Norton.

American History X Bball 1.jpg
American History X Bball 2.jpg

A couple months after the Boston Bombing in April 2013, I visited the historic city of Boston. There's so much to see that I remember I ended up walking 10 miles around that city in one day! One of the MANY places I visited that day (film-related or not) was the Massachusetts State House which stood in for the US House of Representatives in Steven Spielberg's 1997 historical drama, "Amistad." 

Amistad- Boston 1.jpg
Amistad- Boston 2.jpg

The Formosa Cafe is located at 7156 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, CA. It's an Asian fusion restaurant that has been used in numerous movies and tv shows.  In LA Confidential, it was seen a couple different times.


The main farmhouse from the 2002 thriller "Signs" was built on a plot of land located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania on Almshouse Road. It was difficult for me to pull into the gravel turnoff because it's on a very narrow country road. I passed it several times and had to turn around while also being careful that trucks driving 50 mph on a hilly, country road weren't going to hit me!


Here are some various places around San Francisco that were seen in David Fincher's 2007 crime thriller about the infamous Zodiac Killer during the 1960s and 70s.

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