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Various Horror


In 2019 I visited a lot of locations in Salt Lake City, Utah. Right smack in the middle of locations from Halloween and Ted Bundy's house, is Joan's house from Hereditary. This apartment complex can be found at 839 E. South Temple.


Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight really only had one location and that was the mansion that the entire movie takes place in. The only other place you can consider a "filming location" from this movie is the faux movie premiere at the end of the movie.  The theatrical premiere where the Crypt Keeper walks the red carpet is the historic Fox Westwood Theater in the Westwood Village neighborhood of Los Angeles.  I used to live just a couple blocks from this theater and they had real movie premieres here quite regularly. Many times, I would get home from work and decide to walk over to the theater to see if I could get an autograph or take some selfies with a star who was walking the red carpet on that particular night.

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